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Bonaire Sky

Look up anytime and the Bonaire sky will fill your with awe. Because of the surrounding blue oceans, the sky is a beautiful crystal blue color. When storms pass by, you might see a lightning show out over the ocean. After that, there’s the rainbows that you see every day there’s a late afternoon rain. And then, there’s breathtaking sunsets day after day and the stars that light up the night sky.

The Bonaire Sky is Like a Massive, Moving Painting

It’s not just the beaches and the landscapes that make Bonaire scenery so unforgettable. Even during the day, the passing clouds in the constant winds present a moving dance of white clouds against the azure Bonaire sky. During the rainy season, there’s a rainbow just about every afternoon.

Rainbow in the Bonaire Sky

Spectacular Sunsets

You don’t have to have a view of the sunset to enjoy the bright pink clouds across the entire sky. Look up, and you know when it’s that time of day when people all over the island grab their cameras and head out to the closest pretty setting to capture the sun going down.


Brilliant Stars

After the sun sets, you can spot the familiar constellations and the Milky Way. Go with a friend to the South part of the island where there’s no light pollution and stargaze at the slave huts or the Willemstoren Lighthouse. I’ve never seen such bright stars – no wonder it’s a favorite location for some of the world’s most acclaimed photographers.

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